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SML Beauty Ecommerce

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SML Beauty Ecommerce

Design Tools

Sketch, Adobe XD & Photoshop


Brand, Web, & Interactive Design

Design and prototype a Responsive Web Design Ecommerce Beauty Online Store.

(Sketch + Adobe XD) Android E-commerce Beauty Web Design showcasing Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Responsive Designs. 

Android Responsive Design: Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Design. Presentation Board and High Fidelity Screens design in “Sketch” and Interactive Prototype designed in “Adobe XD”. Animation Features consist of: Component States, Nested Components, Micro-interactions, Auto-Animation, Transitions, Repeat Grids, Tap, Hover, & Drag Triggers. I designed the lipstick & makeup graphic illustration in Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator. Map has custom colors reflecting brand identity. 

Desktop Interactive Prototype Video


SML Fashion

Graphic Illustration