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Color by Number

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Geo Color

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Adobe XD, Illustrator, & Photoshop


Brand, Mobile, & Interactive Design

Design and prototype a mobile app design focused on coloring by numbers with a purchase interaction method. 

I designed a “color by number” mobile app where the user can choose a pattern of geometric shapes and make color selections! Therefore, the user will design their own pattern which can be purchased at the end of the interaction.

Firstly, The UI/Interaction screen designs and prototype were created in Adobe XD. Secondly, I created the color by number geometric pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Thirdly, The mobile mockup and video were created in Adobe Photoshop. As a result, My “Color by Number” design is a creative app where the user can design custom patterns to be used in a variety of products. The user can easily navigate the mobile app through out the process of choosing the geometric pattern, color selection, and payment transaction!

Color by Number Interactive Prototype Video


Geo Color

Graphic Illustration